Wednesday, October 22, 2008

As if the kids aren't enough.

The husband has decided to join in on the big plot to give me a stress heart attack.

It is apparently mid-life crisis time. First is was the motor cycle, then the second piercing in his ear. Okay, I can cope.

However, I can only assume he is after the life insurance. Sunday is was the "oooooops, I layed the bike down in the gravel", resulting in major bruising to his arm and butt.

Last night it was "oooops, I got a speeding ticket"....................64 in a 40. 64 in a 40 that we are always yelling at others for speeding on. 170$ worth of 64 in a 40, not to mention how much our insurance is going to increase.

Heart attack time, I'm telling ya!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My darned internal clock!

Most mornings it is a huge struggle for me to get up at a decent time. This is so I can have the schoolwork ready, drag the kid's up, get ready for whatever gajillion errands need run, etc.

Today, Sunday, blissful Sunday. Nothing to do, no where to go until this afternoon. A perfect day to sleep in. No arguing the kids out of bed, no homework to ready.

Nope, not to be. For some reason I come leaping up at 7. Have coffee, shower, start a load of laundry..............all this before 8. Then surprise #2. 2 of the 3 kids are up, bathed, fed and dressed by 8:45. A feat that usually occures only with herculean effort on my part. And they did it on their own!

Some things are normal though, making me realize that we have not, in fact, been transported to an alternate universe. S is still asleep................whew.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No, I have not been taken by aliens.

Unless you count the ones I have to live with every day.

For my loyal 2 readers I have decided that I had better start blogging again. Cause everything I have to say is just so darned interesting right?

Skipped homeschool group today. It rained here overnight and there are some very large puddles in the road. I didn't really feel like taking the kids to the park that has lots of wood, mulch and sand. Sounded to much like extra laundry to me.

B gave herself a haircut sometime in the middle of the night:( Not at all a pretty one either. At least she stuck to the bangs. Or, what were the bangs. Now she just looks like she has a really high, stubbly forehead.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blah, blah, blog.

I have not blogged in like, forever, it seems. I haven't really had anything nice or funny to say. A couple of my friends told me to do it anyway. I guess misery loves company:)

We did have a great time last night. Our homeschool group had a private pool party and I got to look at an entire catelog of beautiful matronly swim suits. Not a bikini in the bunch. At least on the Mom's.

The kid's and Dad are still asleep this morning. I am trying to decide whether to wake the kids, or just enjoy the peace. Although there is not much I can do as I try to tippytoe around the house. They collasped like a house of cards. Bodies draped all over the living room, including hubby:)

Little B is sneezing up a storm, that does not bode well............

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I saw my future..............

and boy was it ugly. I am doomed to be one of little old ladies who stand in her window, spying on the neighborhood.

It all started last night. Someone was lighting off fireworkds and another neighbor was flying an RC airplane around them. I was already in my official old lady pj's and bathrobe, but wanted to go out front for a better look.

Suddenly, I notice 2 guys on someone's porch. Now, this would normally be no big deal, but these guys do not live at this house and they had several of the homeowner's plants upturned and out of their pots. So I go charging over asking them what they are doing?

The response was not kind and contained words I cannot print here, including the demand to mind my own business or they will kick my @##. Hubby can here this, in our house, with the tv on. He comes charging out, while dialing 911.

The police want to know why I did not just call them instead of confronting them. Uh, I don't know????

Turns out they were friends of the guy who lives there, old military buddies. (I say old but none of the people living there or trashing there are over 30.) They were apparently arranging a "suprise", involving firecrackers etc. for their "friend."

I think one of them went away with the nice troopers...............I also don't think my neighbors like me very much anymore.

My hubby isn't very thrilled with me either.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday in Indiana

I do truly believe that my sinus cavity might just implode. One day it's raining, the next its 90 and sunny. We have more rain coming supposedly later today, continuing all day tomorrow.

The kid's don't understand why I haven't set up the pool yet. They don't quite understand the concept of a bog. Which is what the yard is turning into. The pool would just sink into the ground. Not to mention the fact that all that standing water doesn't smell like perfume......................

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Life goes on...............

It might be boring, but it's going on.

The funeral is over, the police investigation continues............

Summer is here, but it has been too rainy to actually set up the pool. The backyard is so oversaturated is actually smells like rot. I cannot imagine what a yard in say.................Seattle would smell like.

Not smoking. Picked up a bad beef jerky habit though.

Okay, I really have nothing interesting at all to say, just wanted to post something.